We FLY — We ROCK — and it’s time TODAMOON !!

#2021的中秋不一般|9月18日 —— TODAMOON 狂欢节 🚀🌕🐇

点击这里观看预告片/ Watch the Event Teaser !

#1【Todamoon Night LIVE】欢庆中秋线上直播夜 🔥

|18.09.2021|8PM (UTC+8)|Talkchain Facebook|

活动赞助商、合作媒体和社区伙伴、特邀 KOL 集体亮相 💪 留守直播互动,价值高达 USD1500 的奖励等着你们来赢取 😍

Featuring of Todamoon Event sponsors, Blockchain media & Community supporting partners, Crypto KOLs…. join the LIVE Party and win Airdrops worth 💰 USD1500 💰

#2【Todamoon 虚拟线上中秋盛会 @ Gather Town】🎉


🚩 活动详情:

| 开放【24 小时】:18.09.2021 6PM — 19.09.2021 6PM (UTC +8) 🔔

| Todamoon 活动赞助商、海外区块链媒体伙伴虚拟展位

| 独特 NFT 艺术品展览(OriginX、Unreality K、FedosArt、BAYC。。。)

| 隐藏彩蛋寻宝之旅(找到彩蛋 > 截图发 Talkchain > 赢取 Todamoon 月饼礼盒‼️)

🚩 点击这里马上报名!🤩

⚠️ 填上报名表格,限量名额先到先得!(先不用管 Gather Town 是什么 xD)完成报名后,记得到邮箱查看报名确认通知 💯

Grab this great new experience to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with your virtual identity in Gather Town!

🚩 Details of the event:

| 24 HOURS HODL: 18.09.2021 6PM-19.09.2021 6PM (UTC +8) 🔔

| Virtual booth of Todamoon event sponsors & blockchain media partners

| Unique NFT virtual artwork exhibition (OriginX, Unreality K, FedosArt, BAYC…)

| Hidden Easter Egg Treasure Hunt (Find the Easter Egg > Take a screenshot and send it to any of Talkchain’s social media platforms > Stand a chance to win Todamoon Mooncake Gift Box‼️)

🚩 Get yourself register HERE ! 🤩

⚠️ Hurry up and fill in the form, first come first serve! (don’t worry about what Gather Town is xD) Remember to check your email after completing the registration 💯


Todamoon 旅途中一直支持着的朋友们,约定你们!See You GUYS 😍


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**合作方平台介绍和操作可以在 Talkchain YouTube 观看 😉

合作媒体:Compoundwater, Crypto Wesearch, Grenade, Snapfingers TV, Crazie B // 社区支持:Torum

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